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ASI, Los Angeles – The Hollywood Sign Isn’t Only Sign in LA

Laurie Rasmusen

As I continue on my tour of the ASI system I recently spent two days in LA meeting with the staff at ASI, Los Angeles and photographing two of their recent installations. As the Marketing Manager at ASI getting out into the field is the only way to really build understanding of the products that …

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What’s Your Definition of Architectural Signage?

Closeup of business people standing

Not long ago, I saw a question posed in one of the LinkedIn groups to which I belong.  The question, “How do you define Architectural signage?” This is a simple enough question. At ASI we use the term to define the segment of the signage industry that we serve and we sprinkle the term liberally …

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It Is All About Timing


I am sure you have heard the old adage “Timing is everything in life.” Having just completed my second month in the architectural signage industry as Marketing Manager with ASI Corporate, I am finding my learning of the signage industry and ASI to be both rewarding and eye opening. A few weeks ago I made …

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Legos Used for 3D Performance Analysis and Master Planning


So what in the world does this have to do with architectural signage? This blog is named “Conversations about Signage,” right? Let’s think about wayfinding as it relates to space planning for a moment. How great would it be for an environmental graphic designer or signage professional  to look at a scale model of a space on three-dimensions to figure …

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TRIVIA: What is the Definition of Universal Design

A set of principles that govern the creation and format of an architectural installation or project in such a way that it is accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of their individual circumstances, e.g., age, disability, or language. So is this about decorating the sun, moon and the stars? Universal design doesn’t target aliens in the sci-fi …

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Bringing Architectural Signage into a Commercial Retail Environment

It may seem like architectural signage and commercial signage are interchangeable for exterior signage, but in fact they’re quite different.  Though both types are good visual indicators for wayfinding purposes, each serves its own specialized function.  Commercial signs are mass-produced for usage in multiple locations where they are meant to be seen from afar.  As a …

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Trivia: Is Universal Design and ADA Standards The Same Thing?

Although universal design is indirectly influenced by the ADA, there’s no direct correlation between the two. So what exactly does the new ADA Guidelines entail and how does it relate to signage? Drafted into law in 1990, the ADA was sanctioned to protect the basic civil rights of disabled Americans. In addition to several other rules, the …

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Statuary Becoming Part of Donor Recognition Solutions


When it comes to architectural signage, people usually think of donor recognition solutions as being elaborate wall-mounted displays. The majority of the time, this thinking would be right. However, donor recognition statuary and sculptures are becoming more common in the architectural signage industry as landscape architects look to signage companies to provide comprehensive exterior signage …

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Color Trivia Fun and Why Color is Critical to ADA Signage

Spring time brings out the most color as the flaura and fauna of nature wakes up from winter. Color is beautiful to see, but did you know that color contrast plays the biggest role in creating compliant ADA signage for architectural environments? Before we get into a long explanation of how to create sufficient color contrast …

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Stand-Offs Enable Modular Functionality for Interior Signage Solutions

Decorative fasteners or mechanical stand-offs are not new to the architectural signage industry. Environmental graphic designers and architects have integrated stand-offs into Interior signage designs to enable modular functionality for some time. According to Gyford, one the architectural signage industry’s best known decorative stand-off providers, their products include the following sustainable features: Manufactured from U.S. process aluminum and …

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