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Wayfinding – Nationally Renown Forest Park in St. Louis

mike head shot edited

“One of America’s coolest city parks … and one of the world’s most beautiful city parks.” —   Travel + Leisure   Considering the quote and photos above, something just doesn’t jive. Can the quote and photos denote the same park? Both refer to our own Forest Park here in St. Louis. Believe me, Forest Park …

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ASI, Cincinnati Hosted Open House – Showcased Expertise

Matt Berlage Wayfinding AIA Course

                    On Wednesday, February 12th the staff of ASI, Cincinnati held an open house to welcome clients to their office. ASI affiliate, Kim Moscarino and her team shared product information, AIA accredited ADA and Wayfinding training courses and advice on clients’ upcoming signage projects. An extensive …

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ASI Signage Innovations Featured on Fox Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels


    ASI Signage Innovations was featured on Fox Business Network’s Manufacturing Marvels on October 2, 2013. The Manufacturing Marvels segment showcasing ASI discussed ASI’s broad architectural signage product line including interior, exterior and digital signage as well as ASI’s manufacturing capabilities and the market segments served including the healthcare, education, corporate and hospitality markets. …

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ASI, New Orleans – Signage in the Big Easy

Kevin Leaumont, Sales Consultant

Not long ago, I travelled to Louisiana to enjoy a two-day visit at the ASI, New Orleans office.  This affiliate, owned by Jim and Grace Bishop, provides signage for a variety of clients in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and much of the Florida Panhandle.  While Grace heads up the New Orleans office, Jim …

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ASI, Los Angeles – The Hollywood Sign Isn’t Only Sign in LA

Laurie Rasmusen

As I continue on my tour of the ASI system I recently spent two days in LA meeting with the staff at ASI, Los Angeles and photographing two of their recent installations. As the Marketing Manager at ASI getting out into the field is the only way to really build understanding of the products that …

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We Are The Champions My Friends

Football iStock_000015800180Small 012313 Edited

  The Concept of Team This week saw two teams progress to the Super Bowl. Two teams will fight it out for who is supreme in the world of football. All the experts look at these two teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens, and provide great analysis on why they are there. …

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ASI Miami – Creativity, Commitment and Customer Focus


My travels to visit ASI Affiliates in their offices throughout the U.S. continues as I learn about their business including what makes their markets and the way each affiliate handles business opportunities distinctive. The ASI Signage system consists of affiliates who are sign professionals each with unique customers, product demands and challenges. I’ve been amazed …

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The Art of Sign Making


As an elementary school student in the late 1950s and early 1960s growing up on Long Island’s north shore just forty miles east of New York City I always looked forward to school field trips. I especially enjoyed the ones that involved touring places where we could watch things being made or produced. The Joy …

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