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Building Your Brand with Solar Signage


    Brands gain prestige when they reduce their dependence on energy sources that release greenhouse gas emissions. Our last blog post discussed the exponential growth of solar energy as a renewable power source and the viability for its use in the United States. This post explores how solar energy can be harnessed to power …

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Solar Energy Growth Builds Case for Solar Signage

Solar Energy

  With the exponential growth of solar energy as a renewable power source the use of solar signage makes a great addition to an organization’s green plan. The high visibility of solar signage aligns your brand with environmental responsibility. This post focuses on the viability and growth of solar energy. The next post will examine …

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3form Announces New Products, Materials at HDExpo

3form has announced that new products and new materials will be unveiled at the upcoming HDExpo May 15-17 in Las Vegas. Here is an excerpt straight from 3form’s blog, Translucent, about the new products: “At 3form, we have all been working hard to develop a ton of intriguing new products, and we are really excited to unveil them …

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Stand-Offs Enable Modular Functionality for Interior Signage Solutions

Decorative fasteners or mechanical stand-offs are not new to the architectural signage industry. Environmental graphic designers and architects have integrated stand-offs into Interior signage designs to enable modular functionality for some time. According to Gyford, one the architectural signage industry’s best known decorative stand-off providers, their products include the following sustainable features: Manufactured from U.S. process aluminum and …

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Recycling Green Signage Posts for Earth Day


In case you haven’t heard, Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. In honor of this eco-friendly tradition, we thought it would be nice to recycle some of the best and most read blog posts. Click on the links below and enjoy Conversations about Green Signage and feel free to talk back to us about the eco-friendly …

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The Education of Green Signage

ASI recently sponsored a conference, Greening the Heartland held in Cincinnati, OH, and displayed numerous green signage solutions. The conference served as a gathering place for 12 state and regional USGBC chapters, and everyone was focused on learning how to develop and integrate better green practices to ensure an improved ROI, increase efficiencies and reduce their impact …

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Ready-Made Donor Recognition Walls and Environmental Graphics from 3form’s Studio Collection

We love 3form, as anyone who has read this blog probably already knows. Their products and materials are innovative, beautiful and they are a great jumping off point for architects and designers to create architectural environments that are a really cool and functional. Well, 3form has done it again with the Wovin Wall and Ditto …

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New Smog-Eating Aluminum Panels for Architectural Structures…and Exterior Signs?

With the recent announcement from ALCOA that they have successfully developed a smog-eating aluminum product for architectural panels, one has to wonder when this innovation will become “just the way we use aluminum in the architecture and building industry.” As it stands today, no metal building material is more commonly used and more recycled than …

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Green Product Claims: It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature…or Your Clients

We all hate being mislead/misinformed about things we buy. We all have our favorite brand-name products and we trust (for the most part) the integrity of the ingredients and manufacturing process that produces these products. Surely with all of the government oversite, regulation, taxation, certification (can you think of a “tion” word?), we can trust …

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Powder-Coating: VOC Free, Smooth Finish, Consistent Color for Interior and Exterior Signage Time and Time Again

Let’s talk about powder-coating and why it is an eco-friendly finish option for interior and exterior architectural signage. In order to understand what makes powder coating a finish option for  “green signage” solutions, we need to briefly talk about VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). VOC’s are organic chemical compounds that vaporize or evaporate under normal atmospheric conditions …

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