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The Las Vegas Wayfinding Shuffle


Recently I shared how one sign in disrepair can tarnish the image of a brand. My comments were sparked by happening upon a directional sign in disrepair on the same floor as my room at MGM Resort’s Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. ASI recently held an owners meeting at MGM’s neighboring Mandalay Bay Hotel in …

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Curved Arrow Conundrum


  Directional Obstacles Those of us involved in the science of wayfinding are often faced with unusual challenges about how to overcome certain directional obstacles. This was a challenge that was apparently faced by the designers of the wayfinding system at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. According to Mijksennar Wayfinding, the designer of the system, …

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A Fresh Look at Architectural Signage and ASI


I came on board as Marketing Manager at ASI on August 1st. Prior to joining ASI I have focused on marketing directly to consumers. I have extensive experience with some of the top names in the restaurant industry as well as automotive repair and most recently I was in charge of advertising and promotion at …

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Sign Judgments: Huge Exterior Digital Signage for Wilshire Grand Hotel Causes Controversy

California has long been known as being on the cutting edge in many areas – from industry, technology, politics, education, entertainment, etc. As we all know, sometimes California rides that edge to prosperity and glory and sometimes Californians slip on that edge and hurt themselves pretty badly. With that in mind, let’s consider the bold, …

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