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Signage Is a Vital Component of Customer Service

Customer Service Directional Signs Edited 092914

  Customer Service is being emphasized by a growing legion of businesses and organizations. Making certain that the interaction between organizations and their stakeholders has become keenly focused on providing the best experience possible. Customer service training programs abound, as do employer incentives rewarding positive results. Customers Often Disappointed by Service Certain industries are perceived …

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Wayfinding – Nationally Renown Forest Park in St. Louis

mike head shot edited

“One of America’s coolest city parks … and one of the world’s most beautiful city parks.” —   Travel + Leisure   Considering the quote and photos above, something just doesn’t jive. Can the quote and photos denote the same park? Both refer to our own Forest Park here in St. Louis. Believe me, Forest Park …

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Signs Have Been Around a Long Time


  The architectural signage industry has taken advantage of a plethora of technological advances that have enabled the design, production and installation of signs that would have been unimaginable just a few decades ago. A vast array of materials and finishes are available for both exterior signage and interior signage, and digital signage technology seems …

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The Las Vegas Wayfinding Shuffle


Recently I shared how one sign in disrepair can tarnish the image of a brand. My comments were sparked by happening upon a directional sign in disrepair on the same floor as my room at MGM Resort’s Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. ASI recently held an owners meeting at MGM’s neighboring Mandalay Bay Hotel in …

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The Weakest Link Can Damage Your Brand

Luxor Sign

ASI recently held our semi-annual owners meeting in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. We scheduled the meeting around the ISA (International Signage Association) Expo that was going on at the same time. Although the ISA Expo and our owners meeting were held in the Mandalay Bay Hotel we stayed at the Luxor Hotel, …

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The Shoemaker’s Son

Shoemaker smiling

Do you remember to old idiom, “The shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot?” It references the all too frequent occurrence that one often concentrates all their attention on their customers that they often don’t provide the product or service to their families when needed. Corporate Moves Require Planning ASI recently moved our corporate office to a …

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Lost and We’re Not Even Out of the Airport!

Exit ???

There is something unsettling about navigating through airports that makes them rife for wayfaring challenges. Perhaps their large footprints and passengers being stressed intensify confusion at airports. Travelers are rushing to get to their gates or from theirs planes to claim luggage and then leave the airport. Airports are filled with passengers who don’t know …

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Curved Arrow Conundrum


  Directional Obstacles Those of us involved in the science of wayfinding are often faced with unusual challenges about how to overcome certain directional obstacles. This was a challenge that was apparently faced by the designers of the wayfinding system at the Schipol Airport in Amsterdam. According to Mijksennar Wayfinding, the designer of the system, …

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I recently attended a meeting at an enormous convention resort hotel near the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport. Such facilities have become in vogue in many cities as folks are able park themselves at these resorts for business meetings and enjoy a large array of dining and entertainment options without having to leave the site. These convention …

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Legos Used for 3D Performance Analysis and Master Planning


So what in the world does this have to do with architectural signage? This blog is named “Conversations about Signage,” right? Let’s think about wayfinding as it relates to space planning for a moment. How great would it be for an environmental graphic designer or signage professional  to look at a scale model of a space on three-dimensions to figure …

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