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Signage Symbols for Wayfinding Identification


Signage Symbols for Wayfinding Identification can be found virtually anywhere that people in public spaces and built environments. Because usage of signage symbols, or pictograms, is so commonplace, it is easy to forget that they serve a purpose. But for millions around the globe who rely on their presence for information and direction on a daily basis, …

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Apps That Aid Hospital Wayfinding

Navigating today’s large, complex health care facilities can be a bewildering experience for patients, their loved ones, and guests. For efficient wayfinding, numerous variables must come into play, such as workable signage solutions, architectural design elements, and the ability of hospital staff to come to people’s aid. Since smartphones and tablet computers have become increasingly …

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How Effective Wayfinding Systems Reduce Stress in Healthcare Settings


Hospitals often comprise multiple floors, wings and even buildings. Such setups allow medical personnel to treat patients in the most efficient way possible, but they can be perplexing to both patients and visitors. Being able to move around a healthcare facility with ease and confidence is vital in times of stress, and confusing or misleading …

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Development of Wayfinding Sans Pro Font for Signage


Great article that is worth the read if you are an environmental graphic designer or wayfinding enthusiast. click here to read the rest the whole story… I was surprised by the sheer variety of type styles I discovered on my journey. Even though all road signage systems are intended to be as legible as possible, …

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Wayfinding and Architectural Signage for Libraries

Directional signs and information signs guide patrons into and around the library A recent article in American Libraries Magazine titled, Directions to Library Wayfinding,” by Donald A. Barclay and Eric D. Scott, does an excellent job of explaining the importance of wayfinding for libraries. Mr. Marclay wrote a clever set of “Bad Signals” for wayfinding in libraries. To …

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Wayfinding for Assisted Living Facilities through Architectural Signage


Wayfinding for assisted living facilities goes beyond traditional architectural signage: it focuses on designs, patterns, colors and symbols. As medical treatment for elderly patients has evolved, so too has the quality of life for those living in assisted care facilities. Long gone are the days of architectural firms developing sterile assisted care environments devoid of …

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Wayfinding Signage Designs: Keep Visitors Out of the Doldrums


We thought it would be interesting to take a look at wayfinding from the perspective of a sea-faring master navigator. The story of Nainoa Thompson, the first modern-day Polynesian to learn and use wayfinding for long-distance, open-ocean voyaging, can be found at Thompson is leading a revival of the art and science of wayfinding …

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People’s Behavior: An Important Component in Wayfinding for Healthcare

Implementing an effective wayfinding system requires a complete understanding of how people navigate their surroundings. This understanding, which is intrinsic to the science of wayfinding, is especially important in developing signage for hospitals, where organization and efficiency are critical. There are several academic case studies that use elevated language to describe how human behavior influences the choices …

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Wayfinding for Distribution Center Makes Big Impact of Efficiency

We wanted to share a great wayfinding article authored by Roger Eke and his personal experiences with implementing a complex wayfinding solution for a large commercial distribution center. For your convenience, we’ve pulled a few key excerpts from the article, but be sure to click here to read the full story. “I was on site with our installation team to manage the …

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Regulatory Signs, Messages and Egress Markings for Built Environments

If you are involved in the architecture, interior design or environmental graphics industry, chances are you’ve been bombarded with notifications about the looming March 15 deadline for complying with the current ADA Guidelines. It is important to make a note of this deadline, but today, we’d like to expand the ADA Guideline conversation and talk …

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