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ADA Signage: Intent Is Just as Important as the Letter-of-the-Law


  Over the years we’ve received many good questions regarding the ADA and signage, particularly with respect to aspects of ADA signage that are not well defined within the ADA, and in some cases not defined at all. In these cases we must still make a responsible interpretation, largely based on the intent of the …

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The Customer is Always Right, Even when the ADA is Involved. Right?


  In the midst of a project, a question arises from the customer, architect, designer or general contractor regarding the signage and ADA/Accessibility code compliance. We demonstrate our expertise and consultative approach by fully understanding the customer’s concerns, researching local codes and contacting additional ASI resources for guidance. See the ADA section of the ASI …

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ADA Quick Tips – Guidelines Website, ATMs & Parking Signs


    Here are few new tips regarding updated ADA resources and interesting questions that have arisen as we continue to learn more about the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design: ADA Guidelines Website The United States Access Board has improved its ADA Guidelines website to be more intuitive and user-friendly: Click here for the ADA …

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How ADA Signage Helps People With Disabilities

The March 15th deadline for adhering to the 2010 standards for ADA compliance is now four months in the past, but the date continues to be representative of the important underlying motivation for the change. Beyond simply complying with state and federal statutes, implementing ADA signage in your place of business offers people with disabilities …

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Trivia: Is Universal Design and ADA Standards The Same Thing?

Although universal design is indirectly influenced by the ADA, there’s no direct correlation between the two. So what exactly does the new ADA Guidelines entail and how does it relate to signage? Drafted into law in 1990, the ADA was sanctioned to protect the basic civil rights of disabled Americans. In addition to several other rules, the …

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Color Trivia Fun and Why Color is Critical to ADA Signage

Spring time brings out the most color as the flaura and fauna of nature wakes up from winter. Color is beautiful to see, but did you know that color contrast plays the biggest role in creating compliant ADA signage for architectural environments? Before we get into a long explanation of how to create sufficient color contrast …

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Regulatory Signs, Messages and Egress Markings for Built Environments

If you are involved in the architecture, interior design or environmental graphics industry, chances are you’ve been bombarded with notifications about the looming March 15 deadline for complying with the current ADA Guidelines. It is important to make a note of this deadline, but today, we’d like to expand the ADA Guideline conversation and talk …

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ADA Requirements for Room Identification Signs AIA/CES Course

We wanted to pass along this continuing education opportunity for ADA Requirements for Room Identification Signs, hosted by Nova Polymers. In addition to this course, we wanted to let you know about our ADA Handout and  our whitepaper on the benefits of wayfinding and the role ADA signage plays in wayfinding systems. Click on the blue links to …

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Wayfinding, ADA Signs, and 3form Posts Leap Ahead in 2012

Dear “Conversations About Signage” Readers, As you know from every other marketing-driven e-campaigns, tweet and Facebook comment, today is Leap Year Day. Still not sure what that means? Just visit google.com and look at the banner logo. To help you jump ahead in regards to wayfinding and architectural signage this Lead Year Day, we created …

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ADA-Compliant Digital Signage Through Innovative Technologies

Managing ADA accessibility is important to consider not only when implementing a standard architectural signage solution, but it is also important to consider for digital signage solutions as well. Thanks to technological advances, there are numerous assistive technologies available on the market today that facilitate ADA-compliant digital signage solutions.  QR Codes: More Than a Marketing Tool QR codes are specially …

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