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Building Your Brand with Solar Signage


    Brands gain prestige when they reduce their dependence on energy sources that release greenhouse gas emissions. Our last blog post discussed the exponential growth of solar energy as a renewable power source and the viability for its use in the United States. This post explores how solar energy can be harnessed to power …

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Don’t Scrimp on Signage When Building Your Brand

Brand Edited Revised 042914

Architectural signage plays a number of critical roles for your organization. Wayfinding is an obvious role as properly designed and deployed signage assists customers, visitors, suppliers and others get from point A to point B at your facility as effortlessly as possible while eliminating the need to ask others for directions. Equally important signage should …

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Random News: A Fun Look at Fonts for Designers, Brand Changes and Green Building Topics in the News

In Your Face! What Would a Font Look Like if it were a Person? Check out this recent article in The Atlantic by Rebecca Greenfield about Spanish design company Atipo taking longtime, popular fonts such as Helvetica Bold, Carousel Medium, Caslon Italic, and Clarendon Bold and putting them onto a model’s face. For other posts …

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Interior and Exterior Signage Acts as a Powerful Brand Ambassador for Colleges and Universities

Universities and colleges often spend millions of dollars in branding campaigns, particularly in the lead-up to a major capital fundraising effort. Typically the process is painstaking and can take years of planning, discussions, experimentation, surveys, focus groups, and countless meetings. For a brand to be sustainable and fulfill its purpose of establishing an institution’s reputation, …

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Bringing Brand Idenity and Company History to Life through Interior Architectural Signage

One of the best examples we have seen of merging brand identity and company history into an architectural space is the Wright Brothers, Inc., company office lobby. Although company’s founders were not related to the famous fathers of flight, they decided at an early age to model their lives and their company after the famous …

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Exterior Signage and a Business Brand Causes Problems for Ft. Worth, D/FW Airport

The battle over a business, its exterior signage and their proximity to the south entrance of D/FW Airport has raised some interesting questions and shined a spotlight on the impact of signage in the public space. The business in question is an adult-oriented business named Rick’s Cabaret, and we want to be very clear that …

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