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Building Your Brand with Solar Signage


    Brands gain prestige when they reduce their dependence on energy sources that release greenhouse gas emissions. Our last blog post discussed the exponential growth of solar energy as a renewable power source and the viability for its use in the United States. This post explores how solar energy can be harnessed to power …

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Don’t Scrimp on Signage When Building Your Brand

Brand Edited Revised 042914

Architectural signage plays a number of critical roles for your organization. Wayfinding is an obvious role as properly designed and deployed signage assists customers, visitors, suppliers and others get from point A to point B at your facility as effortlessly as possible while eliminating the need to ask others for directions. Equally important signage should …

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Branding: The Silent Partner, Part IV

In the final post of this series, Branding: The Silent Partner, we’ll look at how facility administrators and managers can leverage signage to promote a hospital’s brand. We’ve already examined how signage can function in a hospital as a brand promoter in the minds of patients, visitors and guests, and nurses and doctors. Perspective is …

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Branding: The Silent Partner, Part III

In this series, Branding: The Silent Partner, we’ve been examining ways in which well-designed architectural signage can function as a brand promoter. To illustrate different perspectives by which this can happen, we’ve used a hospital as our example. Hospital signage can promote the facility’s brand to all people who interact with the hospital, but this …

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Branding: the Silent Partner, Part I

When people think of architectural signage, they mainly think of it as a means of implementing a wayfinding solution for a facility. Yes, one of the crucial roles of architectural — whether it is interior signage, ADA signage, exterior signage or digital signage — is to be the end result of a wayfinding solution.  However, …

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