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Exterior Signage for National Parks, Digital Signage for Cruise Line

iZone Secures Major Parks Deals with U.S. National Park Service and Alberta Parks iZone, a leading custom high pressure laminate manufacturer based in Temple, TX recently announced that it has renewed multi-year contracts to provide park signage to two major national park networks – Alberta Parks, Canada, and the U.S. National Park Service. The contracts …

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Signs of the Future: Will Digital Signage Go the Way of the 8-Track Player?


Digital signage – both dynamic digital and interactive touch-screen displays – are all the rage in the architectural industry these days. Everywhere you turn these days, it seems like you can see digital displays popping up in places where you once would find a point-of-purchase printed board or in some cases, a person manning an …

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Design as a Factor in Digital Signage

The benefits of digital signage are many, including ease of content management, potential for advertising, and its modern appearance which assists in branding. When considering a digital signage solution for your facility, you must weigh design as a vital factor. The design of digital signage and the smooth integration of that design into the context …

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Digital Signage is a Growing Trend Boutique Chain Restaurants


Digital signage has been making inroads into large commercial and retail spaces for years, but a growing trend is digital signage in restaurants. Let’s shine our spotlight on Pie Five Pizza. Think of them as the Pinkberry of pizza or maybe the Starbucks of pizza….maybe not in size or expanse, but in style and in-store …

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Digital Signage in a Universal Design World

Though traditional architectural and wayfinding displays remain the most reliable and established means of communicating information in the marketplace, continual technological advancements and reduced costs have resulted in an increase in the abundance and popularity of digital products in the signage industry.  No longer content simply to add electronic flourishes to old buildings, companies are …

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Wayfinding, ADA Signs, and 3form Posts Leap Ahead in 2012

Dear “Conversations About Signage” Readers, As you know from every other marketing-driven e-campaigns, tweet and Facebook comment, today is Leap Year Day. Still not sure what that means? Just visit google.com and look at the banner logo. To help you jump ahead in regards to wayfinding and architectural signage this Lead Year Day, we created …

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Digital Signage Causes Controversy for DART and Council Member


A recent story by Steve Stoler with WFAA.com reported on a City of Garland city council member and his concerns with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) deciding to spend $6 million on digital signage at stations throughout its service area. To read the complete story, click here. We’ve provided a key excerpt from Mr. Stoler’s article below: …

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ADA-Compliant Digital Signage Through Innovative Technologies

Managing ADA accessibility is important to consider not only when implementing a standard architectural signage solution, but it is also important to consider for digital signage solutions as well. Thanks to technological advances, there are numerous assistive technologies available on the market today that facilitate ADA-compliant digital signage solutions.  QR Codes: More Than a Marketing Tool QR codes are specially …

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Will Digital Signage and Mobile Apps End Traditional Wayfinding?

A posting on The Velvet Principle blog titled “Do Digital Screens and Mobile Apps Mean the End of Static Signs in Wayfinding?” raised an interesting question. The post made several good points about the ability of hand-help devices, coupled with dynamic and interactive digital signage solutions, to replace traditional interior signage for wayfinding information. Let’s cut …

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Higher Grades for Digital Signage in Higher Education

There’s no question that from ASI’s experience in implementing digital signage projects, this technology is more than viable for all of the major market segments that we service.  However, digital signage in higher education institutions is gaining momentum quickly, perhaps because the needs of educational institutions are so incredibly diverse, and digital signage addresses these …

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