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Random News: A Fun Look at Fonts for Designers, Brand Changes and Green Building Topics in the News

In Your Face! What Would a Font Look Like if it were a Person? Check out this recent article in The Atlantic by Rebecca Greenfield about Spanish design company Atipo taking longtime, popular fonts such as Helvetica Bold, Carousel Medium, Caslon Italic, and Clarendon Bold and putting them onto a model’s face. For other posts …

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Funky Fonts and Reading Comprehension — How Will This Study Impact ADA Signage Messages?

We read the post from “The Hot Word” blog site from Dictionary.com titled, “Do funky fonts actually help you remember?” and felt that it was intriguing because architectural signage professionals¬†and environmental graphic designers work so hard to make written messages easy to read and understand using ADA guidelines and recommendations. The following are some excerpts …

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