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The Education of Green Signage

ASI recently sponsored a conference, Greening the Heartland held in Cincinnati, OH, and displayed numerous green signage solutions. The conference served as a gathering place for 12 state and regional USGBC chapters, and everyone was focused on learning how to develop and integrate better green practices to ensure an improved ROI, increase efficiencies and reduce their impact …

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The Ugly Truth About “Green” Digital Signage

With more and more industries going green out of concern for our environment, the question arises: how green is digital signage? “Green” digital signage has emerged due to the demand for eco-friendly technology, but for the most part, digital signage has a way to go yet before it can be considered truly “green.” It’s time …

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Green Product Claims: It’s Not Nice to Fool Mother Nature…or Your Clients

We all hate being mislead/misinformed about things we buy. We all have our favorite brand-name products and we trust (for the most part) the integrity of the ingredients and manufacturing process that produces these products. Surely with all of the government oversite, regulation, taxation, certification (can you think of a “tion” word?), we can trust …

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GREENGUARD Certified Interior Signage, InTac™ Eco Being Used in University of Northern Iowa’s Sabin Hall Renovation

ASI, Iowa is working with Des Moines architect and engineering firm Brooks Borg Skiles and the University of Northern Iowa to implement InTac™ Eco into Sabin Hall as part of a renovation project. The renovations will make Sabin Hall a LEED® Silver certified facility, and InTac™ Eco is the perfect eco-friendly interior signage solution for …

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