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Apps That Aid Hospital Wayfinding

Navigating today’s large, complex health care facilities can be a bewildering experience for patients, their loved ones, and guests. For efficient wayfinding, numerous variables must come into play, such as workable signage solutions, architectural design elements, and the ability of hospital staff to come to people’s aid. Since smartphones and tablet computers have become increasingly …

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Adding Woodgrain to Pacific Interior Provides a Natural Look to Healing-Focused Hospital Interiors

Interior designers and architects understand how the use of natural materials, soothing color tones, natural light and works of art can actually help contribute to the healing process in a hospital or medical center. That is why so many newly built hospitals and renovated interior spaces have begun to look more like 4-star hotels and …

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3form Materials Help Create Healing-Focused Environments for Hospitals and Medical Centers

We have talked a lot about what it takes to create Healing-Focused Environments for Hospitals and medical centers and how these environments can positively impact the recovery of patients and the performance of medical staff. Let’s face it – everything we can do to help the sick and injured to heal faster and recover from …

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Healing-Focused Hospitals Improve Patient Experience with Better Amenities and Easy to Understand Wayfinding Plans

One would think that the average patient would choose a hospital based primarily on its clinical quality, i.e., the quality of its care, particularly with regard to the condition or illness that a person may be suffering from and for which he or she requires hospitalization. According to a recent article in the December 2, …

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