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Comprehensive Hospital Signage Program for Riley Simon Family Tower at IU Health

For more than 20 years, ASI, Indianapolis has served the wayfinding and signage needs of Indiana and Indianapolis area hospitals, and the Riley Hospital for Children is one of ASI’s long-standing clients. To better serve the healthcare needs of the community, Riley Hospital is expanding by adding an additional tower. Kevin Elkins, a key member of the …

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Custom Wayfinding for Different Healthcare Environments

Healthcare facilities vary widely on numerous points: type of facility, size of facility and patient population served. While all healthcare facilities want to provide quality health care to their patients, practical steps in achieving their goals will differ across the board. For example, pediatric hospitals will diverge sharply from elder care facilities, not only in …

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3form’s Gallery of Healing-Focused Healthcare Projects Featuring Eco-Friendly Materials

We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it’s better to be silent and let beautiful imagery from healing-focused healthcare environments speak for themselves. With that philosophy in mind, 3form has spoken volumes about how to create healing-focused environments by showcasing the best hospital and medical office projects that use …

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City Wayfinding Signage: Why Making the Investment in Exterior Directional Signage is a Good Idea

“The question is why are there no signs in this area pointing to the hospital? In an emergency that is the most important thing in this town; not everybody is a local and knows where to go.” Bill Mackenzie, 76, of Murwillumbah The quote above is from an article we came across  about an unfortunate …

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