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Apps That Aid Hospital Wayfinding

Navigating today’s large, complex health care facilities can be a bewildering experience for patients, their loved ones, and guests. For efficient wayfinding, numerous variables must come into play, such as workable signage solutions, architectural design elements, and the ability of hospital staff to come to people’s aid. Since smartphones and tablet computers have become increasingly …

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Wayfinding for Assisted Living Facilities through Architectural Signage


Wayfinding for assisted living facilities goes beyond traditional architectural signage: it focuses on designs, patterns, colors and symbols. As medical treatment for elderly patients has evolved, so too has the quality of life for those living in assisted care facilities. Long gone are the days of architectural firms developing sterile assisted care environments devoid of …

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People’s Behavior: An Important Component in Wayfinding for Healthcare

Implementing an effective wayfinding system requires a complete understanding of how people navigate their surroundings. This understanding, which is intrinsic to the science of wayfinding, is especially important in developing signage for hospitals, where organization and efficiency are critical. There are several academic case studies that use elevated language to describe how human behavior influences the choices …

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