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Stand-Offs Enable Modular Functionality for Interior Signage Solutions

Decorative fasteners or mechanical stand-offs are not new to the architectural signage industry. Environmental graphic designers and architects have integrated stand-offs into Interior signage designs to enable modular functionality for some time. According to Gyford, one the architectural signage industry’s best known decorative stand-off providers, their products include the following sustainable features: Manufactured from U.S. process aluminum and …

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Macer Interior™ – A New, Slim-Panel Interior Architectural Signage System Unveiled

The latest interior signage innovation from ASI has arrived — Macer Interior™. This slim-panel signage system is engineered to function like a modular system while allowing designers and architects to unleash their creativity by taking full advantage of the print on panel photorealistic graphic system. Macer Interior™ consists of three components: a uniquely designed panel …

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