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The Education of Green Signage

ASI recently sponsored a conference, Greening the Heartland held in Cincinnati, OH, and displayed numerous green signage solutions. The conference served as a gathering place for 12 state and regional USGBC chapters, and everyone was focused on learning how to develop and integrate better green practices to ensure an improved ROI, increase efficiencies and reduce their impact …

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Could Solar Power Be the Answer for Cities Looking to Reduce Operating Budgets?

The city of Rockford, IL, has made the decision to remove 2,400 streetlights throughout the city to save up to $500,000. The immediate benefit is obvious — saving that amount of money could prevent layoffs or it could help the city balance its budget. However, one should consider the long-term cost as well. Less lighting at …

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Welcome Summer! Solar Power is a Booming Industry. Can it Impact Exterior Signage?

Now that summer has arrived, let’s talk about solar power. Solar is booming industry, with an expected growth of the world PV market jumping from $46.3 billion to $96.8 billion in 2014. Visit this report by solar buzz for more details. With great examples of public applications all around, most noted by many is the …

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