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TRIVIA: What is the Definition of Universal Design

A set of principles that govern the creation and format of an architectural installation or project in such a way that it is accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of their individual circumstances, e.g., age, disability, or language. So is this about decorating the sun, moon and the stars? Universal design doesn’t target aliens in the sci-fi …

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Digital Signage in a Universal Design World

Though traditional architectural and wayfinding displays remain the most reliable and established means of communicating information in the marketplace, continual technological advancements and reduced costs have resulted in an increase in the abundance and popularity of digital products in the signage industry.  No longer content simply to add electronic flourishes to old buildings, companies are …

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Architectural Signage Designed to Meet Universal Design Principles

Universal design principles cover virtually every aspect of built environments and commercial products, and architectural signage — when done correctly — plays a large role in guiding people through universal designed architectural environments. So what are the principles of universal design, and how do they relate to architectural signage? First, let’s honor the efforts of Ronald L. Mace, who established …

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